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How our social media management works

We work with businesses like yours and manage your post schedules, the post descriptions/captions, replying to comments and messages, creating and implementing new promotions and provide monthly reports.

We begin by understanding what your business offers, your point of difference, the branding guidelines and the target market of your customers. Once we have all this in place we create a strategy that works in with our 80/20 rule for posting on social media and begin implementing this on your relevant business social pages.

We have spent an immense amount of time and money researching what content people love to see on social media and what they engage with the most. From this we have built our own rule of thumb checklist that allows us to triple page engagements, post engagements and monthly follower increases.

Where do we draw our content from?

The approach to gathering content depends not only on the proximity of the business to our head office location but also on the type of business niche.


Hospitality - we come in with our staff once a week to take photo and video content.


Professional services - here we require and relationship between the internal marketing manager and ourselves so we can collect content that has been photographed on site or in store.


Retail online or in-store - we like to do photo shoots with or without models in environmental settings that matches the brand of the business.


Outside the content captured across all these business niches we also create content ourselves through our own photo and video editing softwares. 

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