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What makes a successful Facebook Campaign in 2020

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

So you're trying to understand how to create a successful Facebook Ads campaign huh?

It comes down to the understanding that the campaign does not exist in isolation but rather is part of an ecosystem of four moving parts. Each one of these moving parts need to be working so that the campaign can succeed. Think of it like a car - it needs all it's moving parts working in an orderly fashion to be able to drive forward.

The four moving parts:

1. The Funnel

2. The Creative & Messaging

3. Traffic Quality

4. The Offer

The Funnel

This is the sequence or site you are sending people into. If you have a broken website or a poor user experience, it won't matter how good your ads are, the whole thing will fall on its face.

The Creative & Messaging

This is your creative, such as your photo or your video, and your messaging, which is your ad copywriting e.g. descriptions, titles, etc.

You must answer the questions of are your ads appealing enough? Do they resonate with your audience?

One of the biggest culprits of failed marketing campaigns is incorrect messaging. You must put yourself in your customer's shoes and think if you were reading this, would it be getting the correct message across?

Case Study for failed messaging - Solar power business: we brought on a client who was big in solar panel installations. They had previously had a marketing business working for them driving them hundreds of leads, only they weren't able to convert a single one. After doing some digging, reading through the ads and the sales funnel, we soon realised the messaging was completely off. They had been telling people that they were able to make money through a government scheme in having solar power installed on their roofs. The only government scheme that was in place was that they could receive a rebate to be able to afford the solar panel installation. We quickly created a whole new campaign that started driving them leads that were people who actually wanted solar on their roofs, not just some money making scheme.

Traffic Quality

This is how you set your campaigns up. How are your campaigns optimised? What is the quality of the clicks you are sending into your funnels. Sending lots of low quality clicks into your site won't do you any good.

You need to fish where the fish are and attract the right audience. Knowing where these people are is easily figured out through Facebook interest targeting. You can also find quality audiences by giving Facebook a list of your already existing customers and allowing them to find you a lookalike audience, also known as an LLA. Facebook can find you an audience just like the one you give it within 70% accuracy based on the many data points that it has on people. It's a truly powerful and freaky machine!

The Offer

This is sometimes the most difficult to troubleshoot. As digital marketers we see what works just about everyday but for yourself, being able to know your audience and understanding what types of offers will resonate best with them is sometimes found through trial and error. Putting a couple offers up at the same time to the same audience and see which one gets the best response is a good way to test this.

If you really want to stand out then after knowing what offer works best with your audience, you should go hard and amplify this e.g. don't just offer a 10% discount, offer a 40% discount.

Summary: The biggest take away from this is that a campaign has many moving parts. To have a successful campaign you must be able to build each part to the best of your ability and don't take shortcuts on any of them - if you do, the whole campaign crumbles or at best, it struggles moves along at a slow pace and you're left feeling disappointed with your marketing efforts.

We hope this was somewhat insightful and helpful.

Growing our customers business through digital marketing,

The Happy Hippo Media team.

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