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Top industry trends emerging in 2020

Change is continually happening, but how is it this change affecting the world of business? Here at Happy Hippo Media, we want you to be the first to know about the newest business trends.

That's why, using reports from leading social media and marketing platforms, (in no particular order) we have listed a few of the top emerging industries as we head into 2020. Read on! Your new business idea awaits.

1. Home products

Coming out as number one is, no surprise, household products. In the world of online searches, they have become a hot topic. But if you look at the data taken by Pinterest, it's interesting to see that the products people are looking for are not your usual 'couch' or 'TV'.

For example, there has been a +82% rise in people seeking 'work from home outfits.' Now we would love to know what distinguishes an 'at home outfit' from just regular clothes, but hey, maybe its more comfortable fabric?

Here a few other household searches that have become popular (click here for full report).

  • Garden room +104%

  • Microgreens growing indoor +223%

  • Granny pods backyard cottage +159%

  • Audio room +803%

  • Brewing Equipment +411%

  • Home theatre design +368%

  • Home coffee stations +751%

  • Homemade baby foods +379%

There is no doubt that this trend will continue to increase, so if you are in the market of selling indoor water fountains, get your brand out there, because 917% more people are looking for you right now.

2. Gender-neutral products

Our world is a lot more accepting and considerate than 50 years ago. The legalisation of gay marriage and recognition the gender-neutral status has not only improved the lives of millions of people but has opened up an entirely new market. Searches for gender-neutral clothing, styles, and names have risen significantly in recent years, making it an untouched market, waiting to be explored.

Last year, according to Pinterest, gender-neutral haircuts were up a whopping 625% and gender-neutral kids clothing rose by 119%. Searches have also increased for Tuxedo dresses by 99%, same with androgynous wedding dresses, up +51%.

The number of people seeking out gender-neutral names rose by 301% between 2018-19. We are not sure, but maybe there is a business idea generating gender-neutral baby names? It does seem to be the new craze with all the celebrities. Take Kim Kardashian calling her child 'North' for instance, or Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds calling their daughter James Reynolds.

Do you have a clothing brand? Well, if you do, we recommend that you add a new product line. Because our bet is its popularity is going to increase, maybe so much it may become the new norm.

3. Gut health

Australians have always prided themselves on being healthy and fit, and we doubt that will change. But, we do change the area of health we focus on often. According to Facebook, gut health has become Australian's new emerging trend in regards to online searches. However, I don't think you would need to read a report to know this.

Just head to your local supermarket or health food store. Kefir, Kombucha, and Kimchi products, all which improve our internal systems, have started to become staple items in our cupboard.

Statistics show that between June 2018 and June 2019, there was:

  • A 1.2 growth rate in the Gastrointestinal Tract interest

  • A 1.4 growth rate in Gut Flora interest

  • A 1.2 growth rate in Microbiota interest

Another food product that has seen growth is legumes. As kids, we were all told they were good for you, but it never seemed like anyone paid much attention. But now, 'chickpea and lentil-based pasta's' have become the new 'whole-wheat fettuccine', in an attempt to fix our health from the inside out.

Are you feeling inspired? If any of these ideas are popping out to you, read our step-by-step guide on how you can start your own online business.

4. Changes to the way small businesses market

The world of marketing is always offering up new tips and tricks on how small businesses can improve their brand.

Over the last year, MailChimp conducted a review of how global brands were promoting themselves, and these are their four tips on how you can market your brand better in 2020.

  • Ask your audience to engage in a beta test while you are still developing the product. Learn from the results and use the feedback constructively.

  • Don't give away your whole business at once, 'build anticipation.' Create enthusiasm by only leaking small bits of information about your brand. This is also a great way to build loyalty.

  • Continue to work on your brand and never stop marketing.

  • Do not skip over any section of the customer journey. Make sure every step is in line with your key business goals.

Full report here.

5. Skincare

Everyone would love to stay youthful forever, but does the average person do anything to assist this? Yes actually, they do, more than ever before. How? Through skincare.

Studies taken by Trends and Reddit show that over the last year, there has been an increased interest in skincare, specifically in acne and anti-aging products.

According to Trends, in 2019, $800m was invested in start-ups relating to anti-aging, compared to only $100m in 2013. For acne treatments, it has always been about treating adolescence.

However, there is an emerging market in products that work to cure adult acne. If you have a beauty company, try broadening your target audience, the traction could surprise you.

6. 90's theme

It's a little random yes, but apparently, we all just want to go back to the '90s. A Pinterest report shows that there were more 90's themed online searches in 2019 compared to previous years.

Although, it is completely understandable, why wouldn't we want to go back to the 1990s? It had great fashion, music, and remember how excited you got about getting your hands on a Nokia?

Thinking about an online blast from the past fashion or collective store? Consider adding more 90's items to your range, as it happens to be all the rage. Here are the popular categories

  • 90's cartoons +227%

  • Hair scrunchie +6309%

  • 90s grunge fashion +292%

  • 90's music artists +165%

  • Lip liner and gloss +144%

  • Hair clips +930%

  • 90's streetwear +277%

Either you already have a business, or you are looking to start one, keep in mind these emerging industries. Because, according to experts, in 2020, these ponds are where you're going to catch the most fish.


Do have a business idea you’re looking to grow? Happy Hippo Media can make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest trends. Our experts are always in the know and are more than happy to help you will all your marketing needs. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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