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The best places to advertise a business in 2019

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

For small business owners these days there is always the challenge of being heard by people who are your ideal paying customers. People ask questions like what is the best way to market my business? or how much should I spend on marketing? These are very common google searches and more times than not most business owners are overwhelmed with options and strategies for the best move forward but are skeptical on what to do.

More times than not they are dissapointed with their choices as they take advice from a website or marketing agency that doesn’t have the business’s best intentions at heart. 

Here’s a little break down of Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Google,  and the types of businesses they can help. 

Hopefully from reading this you will walk away with some further knowledge as to knowing which media platform is best for your business.

Let’s begin with Facebook. There is over 2.5 billion active users on this platform and the majority age demographic is 25-34. Facebook also owns Instagram (majority age demographic 18-29) and Facebook Messenger. These platforms are best suited for marketing businesses that are B2C, in other words a business whose customer is the end consumer. Businesses that are B2B (selling to other businesses) can also benefit from marketing through Facebook however the acquisition cost or cost per lead is generally higher. 

It is always best to hire Facebook marketing experts to acquire the best possible ROI for your business. Most people who attempt this themselves can only usually achieve an ROI of x2.5 on average. Outsourced Facebook marketing experts like ourselves can achieve an average ROI of x10. An effective Facebook marketing sales funnel should begin churning out results quite instantly and begin paying for itself and more within 30-60 days. We call this a self funding sales funnel. 

The power of Facebook marketing explained here:

Now over to Google. This platform has over 40,000 searches happening each second! That’s a whole lot of questions and data being thrown around all the time. 98% of people find what they’re looking for on page one of Google and only 2% go through to page 2 of Google. In other words, if you’re website is not listed on the first page of Google then you’re missing out on a whole lot of customers.

To get to page one of Google a small business owner must implement SEO.

SEO explained here:

This is the process whereby certain actions are taken to improve a website’s ranking on Google by manipulating content that is favorable to the Google algorithm. It doesn’t matter if your business is B2C or B2B, if you’re listed on page one of Google people will click through to your website and then it’s up to you to convert those visitors into paying customers through your website design and sales techniques. 

To summarize, the Facebook family of apps is very effective for B2C businesses and can also work for B2B businesses but the overall cost per lead for B2B is higher. Google on the other hand is great for all business types and can really benefit businesses who are on page one.

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