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Our 3-step guaranteed Facebook Ads success in 2020

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Running Facebook Ads can be difficult to some and not so difficult to others. There are people who have good experiences and bad experiences and the common denominator we have found with the latter is a lack of knowledge and experience when it comes to the Facebook platform. It generally takes an experienced Facebook marketing agency to know how to work the platform correctly and get the most value for money.

In this blog we reveal the steps we implement in every one of our Facebook Ads campaigns to help us achieve an ROI (Return On Investment) of x10 for our customers every time.

But before we spill our secrets, let us tell you a little about who we are and how we know this...

We run a digital marketing agency located in the sunny town of Terrigal on the Central Coast (one hour above Sydney) who service clients all around Australia for all their digital needs.

You may ask, what is a digital marketing agency? A digital marketing agency is a team of marketing experts who advertise on digital platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, etc., in a way that allows them to be able to reach the most amount of people for the least amount of money in the most memorable and impactful way possible to the viewer.

We have a team of experts in most fields of digital marketing including:


- Facebook Ads

- Google Adwords

- Email sequences

- Videography and photography

- Website development

Alrighty, let's get down to biscuits...

In the past 6 months alone we have been able to generate over $1.2 million in revenue for our customers through using this very formula implemented by our Facebook Ads experts. This is a highly coveted 3 step system that allows us to spend $1 to get at least $10 in return every time. Here's two recent case studies of our clients that benefited from the results of us running Facebook Ad campaigns for them:

Example 1

A great recent example was a solar panel installer from Queensland who we took on board. In the first month of running Facebook Ads for this client we generated 24 new customer enquiries that were qualified leads. 7 of these 24 leads converted into customers and this generated over $80k in revenue for our customer. With a $3k ad spend this was a return on ad spend of over x26.

Example 2

We ran a 2 month campaign for a local gym. This campaign was designed to increase memberships and awareness going into the launch of their new equipment area. We generated 152 new leads for them and of these 62 converted into new gym members. With an average life span of gym member in their facility lasting 1.5 years and a yearly membership starting at $829.40 ($15.95/week x 52) we calculated the lifetime value of the customer at $1,244.1 ($829.4 x 1.5). This meant we generated $77,134.2 in revenue ($1,244.1 x 62) in the short space of 2 months. With an ad spend of $2,500 this was a return on ad spend of x30.

Now for how all this is possible:

1. Audience

It all starts with your audience! Knowing who is most likely to engage with your brand is key to knowing who will buy from you. The phrase 'fish where the fish are' is the best way to explain this. Throwing out multiple ads to different audiences is the best way to rapidly go through all your assumptions of who your ideal customers might be.

Note: You may end up with one or two audiences in the end. This is perfectly ok.

2. Offer

Once you have undertood who you need to target, you then release an irresistable offer. Come up with something that will make your audiences think "How can they possibly offer that?" or "This is too good to miss out on". The potency of this offer is incredibly important. Putting out an offer the same or similar to your competitor is not going to stand out to the audience you are targeting. Give them something juicy enough to make them go away and brag to their friends about. A good way to test this is to ask a stranger who already follows your social pages if they would take you up on this offer. Someone you know might give you a biased answer because they like you or don't want to hurt your feelings.

Pro tip: A money back guarantee can be a very powerful offer as this alleviates the feeling of any risk when someone makes a purchase with you.

3. Creative

The creative is the photo or the video that you use to attract your audience. This is the first thing people generally see when they when a sponsored post on Facebook comes past their screen. It doesn't always require a Facebook marketing agency to be able to pick a good creative. If you're someone with a talent for identifying effective photos and videos then already good to go. If you're not then jump online, start getting creative with your searches and see what you can find on the first page of Google in terms of free photos. Videos on the other hand are generally a lot harder to find for free and you may need to pay for these.

Pro tip: Find photos that are really unusual yet relevant to what you're selling to best capture people's attention e.g. a retailer for baby clothes might put a ridiculous photo up of a baby flying a plane.

Now as wonderful as all this seems, don't mistake this for a one method fits all type of formula because this most definitely is not. We have a bit of a process we go through in order to select which types of businesses will and wont benefit from this. The other side of this is that we are experts in Facebook marketing and look at statistics daily during campaigns to make the correct adjustments and optimisations so the results stay on a positive incline trend. Facebook is a forever changing market place with thousands of other businesses trying to compete for ad space so it's good to know when to switch certain ads on and off. Regardless, this formula is the safest way forward to making sure you get the best bang for your buck. Make sure to complete the steps in the consecutive order they are in before moving on to the next step.

If you enjoyed this, please share it with your family, friends and work colleagues and spread the love :)

If you need a Facebook Ads expert to help you run your campaigns then feel free to get in touch with us for a free consultation to see if we would be a good fit for each other.

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