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How to show up on page one of Google

Are you asking the question, "how do I show up on page one of Google?". The team at Happy Hippo Media explain it here very simply for the curious every day business owner.

In short, SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it's really easy to understand. You may have heard a million and one explanations of how SEO works but at the end of the day it's essentially just a process that is measureable and easily repeatable which tells the algorithm of Google that your website is worth showing to people that search keywords through Google's search engine...SIMPLES!

The Google algorithm is complex in it's entirety but our SEO expert and any other expert can tell you that it basically just gives each website a score and then ranks it in comparison to other websites accordingly. You can think of the scoring process like a game. The aim of the game is to obtain the most amount of points in each scoring area. There is ten points available for the quality of your site, another ten points available for the amount of sites that link to your site, and the last ten points is for how people trust you. You can win the game against your competitors if you work on getting the most points possible in each category. The more often you gain points, the more your site's ranking in Google is affected and the more times you affect your site's ranking means the more chance you have at climbing the ladder to page one of Google! BINGO BABY!

But they're just the three main categories...there are literally hundreds of categories but gaining points in these main three areas are worth more than the others. Having an SEO expert on your team like Happy Hippo Media on the Central Coast means you could eventually start winning the game but given your competition already has a head start on you then we would need 3-6 months to catch up.

The three main categories explained:

1. Quality: The Google algorithm is trying to measure and figure out what is valuable or unique or interesting to googles searchers. If you are selling underwear on your website but the description of your underwear is the same as everyone else's then you're not really selling anything unique and even though your underwear might be better visually or quality wise, the Google algorithm can't tell because it only see's what you have written. Instead, try to offer more interesting content. For example: give people the ability to customize their shirt. Is it more durable? Give people unique washing instructions. Is there a better season or time of day to wear the underwear? Perhaps there are some funny jokes you can add such as the best time not to wear the underwear. Give people useful information that they will appreciate. Get them interested enough to want to share it with their friends. Create a meme around your underwear or perhaps get an event going where people wear the underwear over their clothing rather than under. Be creative! Be inspiring! Be unique and interesting so that the Google algorithm recognises you and boosts you up the ranks.

2. Trustworthy: Google's goal is to show people trustworthy websites. It wants people to feel safe using the platform and so it will rank you according to your worth. Google is known to penalise websites for having poor reviews and so taking away points is what it will do. You need to show Google you are trustworthy show gaining positive reviews is a must. Another way to gain points is to get trusted websites to link your websites such as happy customers, news articles, industry bodies, local news papers, etc.

3. Authority/Popularity: The last important category is authority. Google wants to know who is selling the most underwear and so it will see where the most click throughs are going. So you really just need to convince the algorithm that you are the most popular by sending the most people your way. How do you do this? Build a stampede of followers on your social media. Make sure you have enough people liking and sharing your content. Get them to tag you and share your website. Get them to talk to their friends about it online. Get them to wear your products and tag your content. This is the golden ticket to the Willy Wonka factory.

So when you break it down and think about it, SEO is just the process of convincing Google that you have the most trustworthy, quality, unique and popular website to show to their customers - people that search on Google.


Get people to talk about you, share your content and produce quality content themselves. Once this starts happening consistently Google will recognise this and start pushing you towards page one of Google, customers will start to find you, your sales will increase, that frown will turn up side down and we'll all live happily ever after with a beer or wine in hand.

At Happy Hippo Media, we consistently get people ranking on page one of Google...just in case you were wondering. So call me!

Blake Zibara

Happy Hippo Media

0433 815 577

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