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Facebook Shop Just Got Better

(Video announcement with full details from Mark Zuckerberg below)

Facebook has now teamed up with Shopify, the world's biggest brand for ecommerce brands (online shops), to bring businesses a more structured online shop right on their home page of Facebook.

Some might say that this somewhat cancels out the need for websites but that is only really true for those smaller businesses where creating a brand or ranking on Google is not important. However, for all size businesses with existing online shops, this just simply adds to the armoury of sales sources as Facebook becomes more integrated allowing people to view products and also checkout with a purchase without leaving the Facebook app. This will also be carried out across Instagram.

Features include:

- It's free to setup (Facebook only makes money if you advertise) - One shop across Instagram and Facebook - Native shop meaning it loads quickly on the app - Ability to purchase without going to another website - LIVE shopping: purchases can be made from live videos - Product collections - Loyalty programs - AI (Artificial Intelligence) will show relevant products to users, e.g. mens clothing shown to males or makeup shown to females - AR (Augmented Reality) will allow people to see how products look on them or in their home


Mark Zuckerberg explains the new update and Shopify CEO Tobias Lütke chimes in and talks about the change.

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