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What is lead generation marketing?

Lead Generation Marketing is the creation and implementation of sales strategies through ditigal media channels to inform and persuade customers to buy a product or service from a business. The key here is to hook people in with some sort of High Value Content Offer and then nurture them into a sequence of offers and more value until you turn them into a customer.

We use the a variety of digital media channels to implement these sales strategies and we have collectively made over $5.4 million in sales for our customers in the past 6 months.


How does lead generation marketing work?

When we bring on a new business like yours we have a discovery meeting that allows us to deep dive into what you offer as a business, what your point of difference is, who their target market is and which media platform is the best suited to their business. 

We then build customer avatars who represent the business's most valuable audience. We find their pain points and understand their goals to craft irresistable offers that they can't say no to. 

Once we have all this in place we then begin to build a sales funnel that takes this cold audience of customer avatars and turns them into a warm/hot audience. This is where we start to see leads coming in and turn into high paying customers.

We then work with our business customer to check on the quality of the leads coming in and make necessary changes to optimise for the best possible leads. From here it's up to the business to make sure they are converting these leads into customers. Typically we don't take on businesses who have a client conversion rate of below 30%.

Is it the right fit for my business?

Whether it's Facebook ads or Google ad words, if you dont have money to spend then don't bother with lead generation. The idea behind each platform is that you're bidding against other businesses to be infront of a browsing customer's eyes at the right time. You need to have a budget of at least $1,500 per month to compete in this ad space, which mind you is relatively cheap when you compare it to other media channels such as radio and television. 

Another key factor in this is your lead to client conversion rate. This is the percentage of people who contact your business and through your sales techniques are converted into paying customers, e.g. If 10 people call your business and 4 become customers then your lead to client conversion rate is 40%.

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