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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a system used where advertisers bid for the spaces that Google provides in it's different advertising areas. These come in the form of clickable ads and given that advertisers like us have to pay for these clicks, this is how Google makes it's money from the searches. 

Many people ponder on the question of "will Google Ads work?" and given that each business is different there is no correct answer, however given that it has found to be extremely useful and effective across a variety of industries it is safe to say that it does work. The only thing to consider is how effectively an advertiser can run a campain. To give yourself the best chance at achieving the most successful campaign comes down to know how and skill. Wasting money on the wrong keywords and writing weak or ineffective CTR ads can be the downfall of an unsuccessful Google Ads campaign.

Campaign types include:

  • Search Network campaign.

  • Display Network campaign.

  • Shopping campaign.

  • Video campaign.

  • App campaign.


What are the costs involved?

With all of this in mind, now that we know what types of ads you can create on Google, let's take a look at costs. Now for you know the average cost by click for your business Google ad, you might be wondering what the average cost for a click is for a typical business Google ads. Google Ads works on the basis of an auction, which means different businesses bid on how much they're willing to spend on an ad for each click. Advertisers bid on search terms and keywords, and the winner of that bid is placed in the top 10 % of the ad's total ad spend, depending on what you select. The type of ad campaign depends on the type and size of your search engine, as well as the types of search engines you're searching for.

If you want to learn more about how Google ads cost your business, or to learn more about our PPC management services, contact us today.

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