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What are email nurture sequences?

A place where people can be reached for little to no cost at all is through their emails. When someone signs up to your email list on the back of a promotion or giveaway of some sort it is wise to build and email sequence to nurture this client into a paying customer. We do this by building a number of emails, each of which the customer receives in a consecutive sequence one after the other until they're convinced enough to take a desired action set out by your business e.g. to buy a product, leave a review, make an enquiry, etc.

Technology and Process

We begin by brainstorming your products and services to create relevant offers and suggestions that we can use in the emails. Each email should have just one goal. To push too many messages at one time is overwelming and not as engaging as just one. 

Mailchimp is a great platform for creating email nurturing sequences and is our preferred platform of choice. It has all the right options for just about any business to use it effectively without limitations.

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