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What is Ecommerce?

Electronic commerce or Ecommerce refers to the online existence of a business whereby the transfer of goods and services are conducted online. In other words Ecommerce is when the sale of all products offered by the business occur through a website.


How to start an online business.

There is a lot of information out there giving people the correct, or incorrect, understanding and processes in how to start an online business. To keep it simple, here are a few key steps to follow in order to start an online business:

1. Decide on the product or service that you want to sell

2. Find out whether there is a gap in the market for your product or service

3. Understand the costs and logistics

4. Choose your e-commerce platform

5. Create and execute a marketing strategy

6. Set it all up and begin!

For a full explanation on this and a step-by-step guide on how to start and online business, read our blog '6 steps to starting an online business'.

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